Download Bandizip Beta Version

   Download 7.17 Beta    


This beta version is being released for testing purposes. Very frequent updates are expected.


  • Added a feature decompressing DAA (v1.0) archives
  • Fixed a bug that the progress bar is not displayed correctly when the program handles an XZ archive
  • Fixed a compatibility issue with screen-reading apps for visually impaired users
  • Fixed a bug that the Honeyview requires the password again when opening image files in an encrypted archive (Honeyview v5.36 or later required)
  • Fixed a bug that occurs with the "Compress to custom filename" feature
  • Fixed a compatibility issue between the installer and screen-reading apps
  • Added -date switch inserting the current system time in an archive's path
  • Improved the program not to create an empty archive when compressing a locked (being used by another process) file
  • Other modifications